Cyne (Cultivating Your New Experience) formed in the summer of 2001. The group consists of vocalists Akin and Cise Star and producers Speck and Enoch. They are a Hip Hop group originating from Gainesville, Florida, USA. The group aim to create sincere Hip Hop music with a message.

Hip Hop · Rap


Hailing from England, submerse is an esteemed beatmaker and producer with a distinct and recognisable sound that traverses Beats, Instrumental Hip Hop and Electronica whilst being punctuated by a myriad of unique and personal influences.

2-step · Broken Beats · Downtempo · Dubstep · UK Garage

Long Arm

Long Arm took up music when he was a kid. In music school he studied how to play piano. He was really impressed by a DJ’s perfomance on one of the music channels when he saw it for the first time.

Broken Beats · Downtempo · Nu-jazz · Trip Hop


Growing up on a unique mix of street music and geek culture, kidkanevil aka Gerard Roberts has developed a distinctive and progressive sound over the years.

Broken Beats · Downtempo · Experimental


Unintentionally off-the-grid and committed to his personal sound evolution, Flako is more of a Soul-documentarian than a typical beat maker.

Broken Beats · Downtempo

40 Winks

40 Winks hit the scene in 2002, with a whole slew of laidback beats. Eager to share their sound with the world, they released a couple of albums independently.

Hip Hop · Nu-jazz


Nicolas De Araújo Peixoto is a Berlin based musician with an instrumental background as a songwriter and guitarist in various bands since his early years, as well as a DJ and producer.

Ambient · Broken Beats · Downtempo · House · Lo-Fi


1954 is the new project from Ivan Arlaud. This young musician from France studied Fine Art during three years before leaving to focus on his musical path. His music takes direct inspiration from artists such as Chrome Sparks, Lapalux or even Moderat, but with his own approach.

Ambient · Broken Beats · Downtempo · Electronic · Experimental

Mitch von Arx

Mitch von Arx is an electronic music artist with an experimental edge based between London and Switzerland. His creative voice took shape whilst studying music production in northern England in the mid-00s.

Disco · House · Techno

Rain Dog

Having originally studied as an artist, Rain Dog has spent recent years experimenting with production software, building speakers, composing music for indie shorts and making beats out of various small bedrooms scattered across the north of England.

2-step · Broken Beats · Post-step · UK Garage


Nuage continues to create emotionally charged, elevating music, channeling his love of various contrasting genres into his compositions, the end result of which is always a mutiformity of sonic brilliance.

2-step · Deep House · UK Garage


From small New Zealand town beginnings Al, James, and Mike of Groeni all met and began their journey making music as Groeni in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington.

Avant-Pop · Downtempo · Folk · Lo-Fi · Singer/ Songwriter

My Panda Shall Fly

With already a handful of widely diverse & experimental releases locked in for 2014, My Panda Shall Fly is slowly but surely leaving a special mark across the abstract electronic music scene in his own unique & eccentric way.

2-step · Deep House · Experimental · Lo-Fi · Techno · UK Funky · UK Garage

Robot Koch

Robot Koch is a one-of-a-kind producer/composer from Berlin. His unique sound of organic electronic music has been called “Wonderful and Strange – pop music from the future” (John Peel) and has been used on various TV shows and films including NBC`s “the Blacklist” and Fox`s “Rake”, continuing to resonate with a growing audience worldwide.

2-step · Broken Beats · Downtempo · Glitch · Post-step


Kafuka is the solo electronic music project of Eshima Kazuomi, based in Osaka, Japan. Reprocessing samples and recording guitars and other natural sounds, he creates a collage of dreamy textures, slowly evolving melodies, and stuttered rhythms that call back to the roots of IDM while simultaneously tackling new emotional ground.

Broken Beats · Deep House · Dubstep · Electronic · Experimental · Lo-Fi · Post-step

Pavel Dovgal

Pavel Dovgal is an electronic music producer from Russia and founder of the independent music label Monoclockmusic. Pavel made his first steps as a musician in 2008 when he started creating his first tracks and mixes. His first studio release followed with “Cassiopeia” in 2010, debuted on Berlin based music label Project Mooncircle.

Broken Beats · Downtempo · Electronic · Experimental · Glitch · Hip Hop

Parra For Cuva

Nicolas Demuth, better known as Parra for Cuva, is a wildly talented young musician born in Cologne. Nicolas has developed an artistic and musical individuality not common in the indistinguishable mass of the electronic music scene. His personal catalogue has steadily shaped into a collection of slow, well-mended and melody-laden electronica that lets one's heart and soul dance side by side with body and brain. His music is like a mesh of tunes and twirls, intertwining, falling apart, folding and unfolding at the same time.

Broken Beats · Downtempo · Experimental

Barnaby Carter

Barnaby Carter is a 26 year old piano technician and multi-instrumentalist from Bristol, England. He plays guitar, bass and drums and piano, although very little piano is on this record.

Ambient · Broken Beats · Deep House · Downtempo


Having bestowed upon the world the gift of dubstep you might think that Croydon had given modern music all it had to give. Not quite, enter Deft.

2-step · Broken Beats · Deep House · Dubstep · Juke


Nathan Menon, who goes under the moniker Monsoonsiren, is an Indian based musician and film student whose attendance rate is about zero.

Downtempo · Experimental · Folk · Singer/ Songwriter


... is a Brooklyn-based musician on Berlin's Project: Mooncircle label, who has garnered popularity for his own unique blend of the eclectic and soulful side of dubtep, jazz, East Coast boom-bap, hip-hop, indie rock, and obscure bass-driven sounds.

2-step · Broken Beats · Deep House · Downtempo · Dubstep · Jungle


A Bristol based producer who started out as one man and his laptop; 10 years later Jilk are now a collection of musicians whose live shows create a spectacle of electronic ethereality.

Experimental · Folk

Erik Luebs

The production moniker of musician Erik Luebs, works with natural and synthetic sounds to explore honest and intense corners of the human emotional spectrum.

Deep House · Lo-Fi · Techno

Daisuke Tanabe

Tokyo resident Daisuke Tanabe, a former art student who also lived in London for a while, developed from his techno/breakbeat background into a very unique sound between Hip Hop, Electronica, Folk and Jazz.

Broken Beats · Experimental · Glitch · Lo-Fi

Olof Melander

Olof Melander is a musician/producer from Malmö, Sweden. He is currently based in the South of the UK, where he studies creative music technology at Falmouth University. He makes music that takes you on a journey, drawing inspiration from various different fields such as free jazz, electronica, hip hop and dub.

Broken Beats · Downtempo

Michał Lewicki

For the past few years Lewicki has been persistently building his own musical language, combining various styles like future garage, wonky, dup-techno and broken beat.

Deep House · Lo-Fi · Techno


Deceptikon, also known as Zack Wright of San Francisco, is a veteran of the North American electronic music scene. He released his first records on the hugely influential but sadly defunct American hip-hop/IDM label Merck Records.

Broken Beats · Downtempo


Memotone is a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, his sound is made up of layered instrumentation over the top of field recordings, conversation, atmospheres and programming all tied up with live acoustic drums and binaural percussion, often using an MPC 1000 for live edits.

Broken Beats · Downtempo · Experimental · Lo-Fi


Soosh is the recording name of Soroosh Khavari, an electronic music producer born in Iran and raised in Scotland. His first official release Soosh – EP came out in 2011 and with its mixture of overcompressed beats and warm textures quickly caught the attention of the international beat scene.

Broken Beats · Downtempo · Experimental · Lo-Fi

Glen Porter †

Glen Porter, started flirting with music as a young boy in the 90’s playing the trombone, piano, and guitar.

Folk · Singer/ Songwriter


Born and raised in Munich, Jonas Lechenmayr aka Senoy experienced classical piano lessons for 9 years before starting to play guitar and recording sounds and arranging first tracks by the age of 13. Going through various musical phases – from avantgarde to stoner-rock to lofi beats – he eventually found his own sound and moved to Berlin at the age of 21 in order to study Sound Design.

Broken Beats · Downtempo · Experimental

Barrio Lindo

Since being a young kid he was in love with ethnical cultures and music and his major musical influences come from different records that he heard over the course of many years, especially folklore from Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia, Colombia…

Broken Beats · Dubstep · Folk


London-based producer Mau’lin, aka Gareth Sprey, released his first solo EP on Alexander Nut’s Ho-Tep imprint back in 2011. It zig-zagged between futurist Broken Beat and crooked 2-Step concrète, with a foot firmly rooted in the UK underground.

2-step · Broken Beats · Deep House · Lo-Fi · Techno

Walrus Ghost

Walrus Ghost is the working pseudonym of producer/composer Christian Banks. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Banks currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Downtempo · Experimental

Graciela Maria

Mexican Singer/Songwriter Graciela Maria has been singing since she was a little kid.
Born and raised in Mexico City, she was an active participant in the Mexican electronic music scene.

Folk · Singer/ Songwriter

Sweatson Klank

Fast forward a decade and a half, and Sweatson Klank who is also know as TAKE is a fixture in the burgeoning L.A. beat scene, a pioneer in a faction of progressive producers pushing the envelope of modern music technology and sonic artistry.

Broken Beats · Downtempo · Hip Hop


22 year-old Polish Producer, Łukasz Czajewski aka Blossom , has released his debut album Blue Balloons at the end of 2011 on Export Label.

Broken Beats · Downtempo


Lambent started off with making experimental ambient music around 1997ish.

Broken Beats · Downtempo · Experimental · Hip Hop

1000 Names

Casio Blaster and 99 Mistakes are 1000 Names and are both Dj’s from Sofia. They started to play together at the end of the 1990’s, when they discovered the original hip-hop culture and began to make beats.

Broken Beats · Hip Hop


Drawing inspiration from various sources – music, nature, art and video games come to mind – 19 year old Kwala from Charleston, South Carolina, is not the person who seeks to describe his music in pompous metaphors.

Downtempo · Dubstep · Glitch


Only 19 years of age and only producing for seven months now, Alex Xie, alias Daixie, is a young producer from Australia with a Chinese and Cambodian background.

Broken Beats

Darius Vaikas

Born in Lithuania, grew up in a small town of Seduva. Got interested in to music production in 2001. At first it was only a hobby, just a fun thing to do. With his fellow they were starting to build their own tracks and get into the secrets of music production.

Deep House

The Range

Dubstep · Experimental · Juke · Post-step


Hertfordshire based producer ‘Hanami’ is set to stir things up in the coming months for the UK electronic music scene. Now moving away from his days of working in a live electro band, Ryan Newton has decided to embark on an ambitious solo project.

Downtempo · UK Garage


Empt is 20 year old Romanian Bogdan Gridan. Always having been into music and playing various instruments, he was introduced to Ableton while still going to school about a year ago. Ever since he has been making music to process and give meaning to his everday life, being influenced by natural and organic sounds and trying to sum up and express himself by means of personal experiences and feelings.

Glitch · Wonky

Mr Cooper

Stopped making Hip Hop in 2009. Started Project Squared in 2009. Occasionally working on Techno in 2010. None of it is good enough.

Drum and Bass · Hip Hop · Techno


Lomovolokno grows up fascinated by machinery like samplers and the rapidly increasing possibilities of modern computers.

Downtempo · Dubstep

DDay One

After using this method of creating beats and amassing stacks of records from years of beat mining, DDay_One furthered his manipulation of vinyl and love of music by utilizing the sequencing capabilities of a sampler.

Hip Hop

IIIII (Five Eyes)

After a detour into dance music under the name Diablik – with support by BBC Radio 1 and various leading DJs, he found his true musical identity in the alterego ‘IIIII (Five Eyes)’, which allows him to make music from his heart and mind. He also works as a sound engineer in his current home Kiev.

Glitch · Techno · UK Garage


Sieren is the maiden name of Matthias Frick’s mother and also his current alias under which he started to release his first free tracks in 2011. Rumour has it that he has a dark secret history of producing experimental techno, albeit his love for UK influenced bass music existed for more than one handful of years.

Deep House · Experimental · UK Garage


DZA must have hacked into an old orbiting Sputnik or drifting Soviet satellite to get the sounds he uses to make his atmospheric beats.

Broken Beats · Glitch · Lo-Fi


Jahbitat is the main sonic form adopted by Guatemalan born, Venezuelan raised and Barcelona based musician Simon Williams.

Broken Beats · Downtempo · Experimental · Hip Hop

Obba Supa aka Teknical Development & Hey!zeus

The diabolical rhyme dynamics of Teknical Developments lyrics paired with beats cloaked in a blue cheese fog of THTC from Hey!zeus dwell and celebrate in the time of A.M. A time which reveals the full existence of the human cypher in its entirety.

Experimental · Hip Hop · Rap


This Summer SHAHMEN presents their debut EP: Enter the Circle. SHAHMEN is what hip-hop is supposed to sound like in the year 2010. The SHAHMEN sound is a dance between moments of pure tonal bliss and dark, hard, banging beats.

Hip Hop

Good Paul

Good Paul from Krakow, Poland, has spent already 14 years behind the decks and is well known for his musical selection and technical skill.

Broken Beats · Deep House · Downtempo · Dubstep · Post-step · UK Garage

Joe Kickass

Frustrated by most of today’s hiphop, Joe drops the accessories and takes it back to basics.

Broken Beats · Hip Hop · Rap

The Q4 – The Quadraphonic Quartet.

TheQ4 is a collaboration of three young Dutch producers: Arts the Beatdoctor, Sense and STW. Who, though they all work in rather similar ways, have a unique sound of their own.

Downtempo · Hip Hop · Nu-jazz


Born in Düsseldorf, Germany and grown up in Detroit, Sekuoia is a project by the 19-year old danish producer Patrick Alexander Bech Madsen.

Broken Beats · Downtempo · Experimental

Non Genetic Of Shadow Huntaz

Whether electronic or hip hop, Nongenetic aka Non finds home in the undiscovered, rarely heard but never forgotten, idiosyncratic sounds of new music.

Hip Hop · Rap

Mike Gao

Mike Gao is a music technology researcher, holds a Masters degree in Music Technology from Stanford and is pursuing his PhD.

Dubstep · Glitch · Hip Hop

Red Baron

As a Danish expatriate in the LA scene, Red Baron has slowly undermined the underground with his addictive moves and subliminal expressions.

Singer/ Songwriter

Tom Diciccio

Tom is a Techno and House DJ and producer from Manchester, UK.

Deep House · Techno


... Let’s just say that the idea behind the word came up when two people were writing music in a room.

Broken Beats · Experimental · Post-step


Since 2003 Rumpistol has released 3 albums, 2 EPs plus lots of remixes and received airplay by John Peel among others.

Broken Beats · Dubstep · Glitch · UK Garage · Wonky


Numaads will release their debut EP "Now" worldwide on the 4th of June through Project:Mooncircle, on vinyl as well as digital (iTunes).

Hip Hop · Singer/ Songwriter · Soul


As a teenager Sina. taught himself to play several instruments, learned musical theory and played in various local bands before being introduced to sampling techniques and computer sequenced music.

Broken Beats · Downtempo · Dubstep · Glitch · Wonky


The Red Bull Music Academy alumni quickly captured the world’s attention and with the amount of releases he has clocked up for labels like Project Mooncircle.

Broken Beats · Glitch · Hip Hop · Wonky


Every once in a while, during obsucre rituals passed on from ancient cults, Szenario assumes human shape and can be seen with peculiar beat machines which have been used during sacred rites in temples centuries ago.

Dubstep · Glitch · Hip Hop


Born in Chile, Manuvers was raised in the cultural mesh known as Miami where he developed his love for hip hop culture.

Hip Hop

Lewis Parker

When we decided to record the new album “International Summers” we wondered how we could possibly capture the deep and warm sensation that lies within the heart and souls of the people world round.

Hip Hop · Rap


Miguel Gil Tertre is a musician and visual artist who has released some recordings as Strand, ocasionally with images in labels as Project: Mooncircle.

Broken Beats · Hip Hop

Disc System meets Inner Science

An incredible amalgamation of Djing and composition, moving through many different styles and moods. Elements of Hip Hop, Ambient, Techno and more generally ‘electronic music’ are all apparent.

Drum and Bass · Experimental · Hip Hop · Techno


Mathematik is an artist with much experience in the music industry, his roster of collaborators and cohorts reads like a Canadian Hip Hop who’s who through the years.

Hip Hop