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  • Origin
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Genres
    Hip Hop · Singer/ Songwriter · Soul


Esperanzah (1985) was born in Rotterdam. Along with her mother and sister she moved to Amsterdam at the age of five where she was raised to the wonderful human being she is today. Through dance and theatre she grew into her role as a
storyteller, and what a joyful journey it has been. She is anxious to make her first steps in to the limelight, where she will fulfil her childhood dream of being an entertainer.

SENSE (1985) was born a city nomad and moved around with his family until settling in a houseboat in Amsterdam at the age of four. He has been making music since the turn of the millennium and has brought forth various groups, such as TheQ4, Shahmen and now Numaads.

Numaads will release their debut EP Now worldwide on the 4th of June through Project:Mooncircle, on vinyl as well as digital (iTunes). The record features four original songs and two remixes of the title song Now, by renowned producers Robot Koch and J Rawls.
In fact, Robot Koch liked the song so much that he has featured another remix on his upcoming album Listen To Them Fade to be released on Project:Mooncircle at 7th of May.

Latest video.

Numaads – Now | w/ Robot Koch Remix