Fat Jon

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    Frankfurt, Germany
  • Genres
    Hip Hop


Fat Jon is the producer of Five Deez (K7), half of 3582 & Rebel Clique, producer of J-Live, Dose One, Venus Malone, Mr. Dibbs, J. Rawls, Panda One, Bukue One, Substantial, Samurai Champloo animated TV series and many more.

His discography includes renown work like Koolmotor, Humanoid Erotica, Wave Motion, Kinkynasti, Lightweight Heavy, Kommunicator, The Living Soul, Situational Ethics, Afterthought, Unique Connection, Kommunicator, Still Curious and Rapture Kontrolle… just to name few!

Latest video.

Fat Jon – Repaint Tomorrow [Live in Japan, 2008]

Carhartt presents Bathroom feat. FIVE DEEZ Japan tour 2008.