V/A – 15th Anniversary Compilation

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A journey to the moon that began fifteen years ago now reaches another milestone – 15 years, one and a half decades, over 150 individual releases, many many artists, countless professional relationships but also friendships along the way. Many many stories and shared memories – not all of them good, not all of them bad either. While modern space age technology would make it possible to reach the moon’s surface a lot faster, for us it is not only about moving forward as quickly as possible, but also to turn around, look back and around ourselves and to reflect on everything that happened and is happening. This is why we have such a broad range of artists guesting on our latest compilation. Some that have been part of the voyage from its earliest stages, others that have been with us for major milestones along the way, and even more that might move ahead with us into new and unchartered musical regions.

Working with Dave McKean – a true legend, especially for anyone into comic illustrations – wraps up this whole trip in the sweetest way. Not only is it a big honour, but – in a way – it completes the circle, as Dave has been a major influence for the label’s artworks from its earliest beginnings already.

Luckily, we have not crashed into any lunar crater with our listeners. We want to thank you for making this long journey possible and we greatly look forward to celebrating this milestone with our partners, musical family and of course with you, our listeners.

Since our 10th anniversary the face of one of our founding members who passed away way too early graces our logo. This release is dedicated to her and commemorates the 11th anniversary of her death.

Featured on the compilation are such artists as Synkro, Rain Dog, Jehst, Robot Koch, Flako, 40 Winks, Long Arm, submerse, kidkanevil, 1000 Names, Tendts, Kafuka, Erik Luebs, My Panda Shall Fly, CYNE, Soosh, Nuage, Michał Lewicki, Jilk, Sieren, Olof Melander, KRTS, Deft, Barnaby Carter, Rumpistol, Fau, Button Eyes, Deceptikon, Pavel Dovgal, Memotone, Graciela Maria, Mujuice, Stompy’s Playground, Sina., Sweatson Klank, Senoy, Parra for Cuva, Fybe One, Monsoonsiren, Tom Day, and many more. Artwork by Dave McKean (Dark Horse Comics / DC Comics / Tundra).

The limited box (only 500 copies worldwide) includes five colored vinyl LP’s with over 35 exclusive tracks plus four additional digital bonus tracks (with digital download code), a bonus double CD version exclusively designed by Lorena Assisi, a T-shirt (only size L) and an exclusive documentary about the label – all in a specially designed box by Dave McKean.


        • 01 Synkro Lunar Cycle (Phase I) (Produced by Joe McBride)
        • 02 Erik Luebs Frozen Eye (Produced by Erik Luebs)
        • 03 KRTS Odd Fish (Produced by Kurtis Hairston)
        • 04 Sina. Our Sweet Entropy (Produced by Barry Gordon)
        • 05 Deft No More (Produced by Yip Wong)
        • 06 Tendts On Fire (Produced by Christos Papadakis & Fotis Papadakis)
        • 07 Sieren Burn (Produced by Matthias Frick)
        • 08 Tom Day & Monsoonsiren Interlude (Produced by Tom Day & vocals by Nathan Menon)
        • 09 Flako Black Dance (Produced by D. Rojo Guerra)
        • 10 Kafuka Surface (Produced by Kazuomi Eshima)
        • 11 Olof Melander Parallelism (Produced by Olof Melander)
        • 12 Jilk All Dust Form (Produced by Jonathan Worsley & Neil Gay)
        • 13 Barnaby Carter Yugen (Produced by Barnaby Carter)
        • 14 My Panda Shall Fly Tsar (Produced by Suren Seneviratne & Asier Leatxe Ibañez d’Opakoa)
        • 15 40 Winks World Will Find Out (Produced by Wiet Van Den Bogaert)
        • 16 Long Arm Anna (Produced by Georgy Kotunov)
        • 17 Jehst Wolf at the Door (Produced by Jason Wood (a.k.a. Apa-Tight) & vocals by William G. Shields)
        • 18 Button Eyes Burn It Down (Produced by Lewis Lindgren & vocals by CW Jones)
        • 19 kidkanevil Helical Scan (Produced by Gerard Roberts)
        • 20 submerse Cloud_s (Produced by Rob Orme)
        • 21 Memotone Living (Produced by William Yates)
        • 22 Soosh Fading Mankind (Produced by Soroosh Khavari)
        • 23 Rain Dog Miss You (Produced by Samuel Evans)
        • 24 Robot Koch & Graciela Maria Harps And Landscapes (Produced by Robert Koch & vocals by Graciela Maria Alatorre)
        • 25 Parra For Cuva On A Life Feat. Bijou (Produced by Nicolas Demuth & vocals by Bijou Allie)
        • 26 Pavel Dovgal & Mujuice Mooncircle (Produced by Pavel Dovgal & Roma Litvinov)
        • 27 Michał Lewicki & Fau Kafka (Produced by Michał Lewicki & Mateusz Szmigiero)
        • 28 Rumpistol Carry Me (Produced by Jens Berents Christiansen)
        • 29 Nuage Leave The Past (Produced by Dmitry Kuzmin)
        • 30 Fybe One Bloodline (Produced by Greg Haynes)
        • 31 Sweatson Klank Either Way (Produced by Thomas Wilson)
        • 32 Mujuice Dead Moon Sonnet (Produced by Roma Litvinov)
        • 33 Synkro Lunar Cycle (Phase II) (Produced by Joe McBride)


        • 34 Deceptikon From Time (Produced by Zack Wright)
        • 35 CYNE On the Head of the Crimson King (Produced by Michael Gersten & David Newell. Vocals by Clyde Graham)
        • 36 Senoy F L Y (Produced by Jonas Christian Eberhard Lechenmayr)
        • 37 kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe Harmonics (Stompy’s Playground Live Version) (Produced by Robert Hervais-Adelman)
        • 38 Barrio Lindo Raiz (Produced by Agustin Rivaldo)
        • 39 1000 Names Hollow Hello (Produced by Aleksiev Margarit & Todorov Nikolay)


Honestly, I could play all of the tracks from this! It is a delightful and excellent compilation!

Nemone | BBC 6 Music, UK


Phil Taggart | BBC Radio 1, UK

Immer mit großartigem Artwork, immer mit dem Versprechen, etwas Besonderes abzuliefern, etwas, was es so noch nicht gab oder gibt, etwas, das der musikalischen Landschaft ein Ausrufezeichen hinzufügen kann.

Thaddeus Herrmann | Das Filter, GER

In the 15 years since its inception, the always inspiring label has dropped over 150 individual releases and now prepares its latest, a 15-year, 39-track celebration featuring cuts from a huge list of world-class acts.

Luke Cheadle | XLR8R, US

As always Project Mooncircle put together an array of artists to satisfy all appetites
great collective sound involved here.

Jay Scarlett | Puls/BR, GER

Seemingly not a year goes by that this Berlin-based label doesn’t put out some of the finest and most criminally underrated down tempo beat music on the planet, and 2016 was no exception.

Chris Daly | Passion of the Weiss, US

The left-field electronic music label has become renowned for its eclectic stable of artists, constantly pushing the envelope and uncovering new talent, as well as championing stalwarts.

Olly Howard | Hyponik, UK

Their sounds and the artists they support stand out in their own distinct way.

Nathan Beer | Nest HQ, US

Beeindruckende Werkschau! Sehr vielfältig und von durchgehend hohem Qualitätslevel.

Roman Schilhart | FM4, AT

PMC have been absolutely killer from the very beginning and this comp is no different! Can’t wait to play it on the show. Big up PMC for an amazing 15, onwards and upwards.

Bevin Campbell | PBS Radio, NZ

I’ve been looking forward to hearing this for ages and it sounding as wonderful as ever, as with all PMC releases. Congratulations on 15years!!!

Simon Harrison | Basic Soul, UK

I just flipped through about 10 tracks at random and they all sounded great. To digest the whole package will take some time but Project Mooncircle has become a byword for musical (and visual) quality control. Happy Birthday and I’m looking forward to the next 15 years already – keep up the fantastic work!

James Barrie | Audio Texture, ES

Good stuff, as I’ve come to expect from Project Mooncircle. Black Dance is trippy. Deft and Rumpistol’s tracks are my personal faves.

Dj Flight | RINSE FM, UK

Project Mooncircle has been one of my favorite labels the past several years. I can trust quality whenever I see a new promo in my inbox and always
look forward to airing on my show. Congrats on the 15 solid years!

Jason Pulaski | KUCI, US


Jonny Dub | Hoya Hoya, UK

Brilliant — will present on my radio show!

Laurent Garnier | PBB Radio, FR

Top notch!

Tim Parker | NTS, UK

Es gibt Plattenfirmen, da sagt Dir allein schon der Labelname auf dem Cover: „Ja, hier ist gute Musik drin. Greif zu!“ So wie bei Project Mooncircle aus Berlin.

Anna Pröhle | MDR, GER

Another record well worth checking comes via the Berlin-based imprint Project Mooncircle, who celebrate fifteen years of releasing quality music with a bumper 39 track compilation all but guaranteed to make any beat freak’s day. Project Mooncircle: 15th Anniversary should be sitting proudly in all good record shops now.

John Bittles | Titel Kulturmagazin, GER


Featured Artists

1000 Names


40 Winks


Barnaby Carter










Parra For Cuva & Senoy


Graciela Maria


Michał Lewicki


My Panda Shall Fly









Long Arm






Pavel Dovgal


Rain Dog




Robot Koch








Sweatson Klank