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  • Origin
    Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Genres
    Broken Beats · Hip Hop


Casio Blaster and 99 Mistakes are 1000 Names and are both Dj’s from Sofia. They started to play together at the end of the 1990’s, when they discovered the original hip-hop culture and began to make beats. The process always involved a lot of sampling and the recycling of all sorts of music. Casio has played drums all his life with different jazz and funk bands. 99 has been involved in many art projects in the last 7 years. Since 2003 they are Dj’s in local clubs mashing up everything from old school to soul. They have created their own style “eklekto hip-hop”. Breaking the beat is their ultimate goal…

Latest video.

1000names – Paper Trip (Invisible Architect – Project: Mooncircle, 2011)

Director: Federico Zanghì
Editor: Ion Tanase
Assistent: Gabriele Trapani
Model: Brunel Mintona