This year’s label-compilation thematically revolves all about the rise up from the generic. It is about young talented artists who are still struggling on their way up and are out there to make a name for themselves.

A wild stallion fights it’s way up from the dirt and tries to receive recognition by separating itself from the herd. Breaking through the anonymity of the group to the freedom of running through endless land- and soundscapes into horizons of new sonic worlds.

The compilation includes IIIII (Five Eyes), KRTS, Sieren, my.head, FiJi, Long Arm, Kidkanevil, Daisuke Tanabe, Hanami, Julien Mier, Deft, submerse, opti, Den5hion, Tom Day, Monsoonsiren, Tendts, Thriftworks, DH the Mythicalifornian, PYUR, Rain Dog, Daixie, FauDeam, Jean du Voyage, Djéla, Pierre Harmegnies, Robot Koch, Robert Valsinger, Blossom, Neema, Tomika, How Green, Drogtech, Bruises, Night Logic, Deep Shoq, Stèv, Cass., Anna Marjamäki, Vitrion, and MockSun.

Mastering by Sven Friederichs. A&R – Malte Tarnow & Gordon Gieseking. Design by Aline Donckier de Donceel. Original painting by Gordon Gieseking. Handmade silk-screen print artwork.



  • 01 Humdrum IIIII (Five Eyes)
  • 02 Bonehead KRTS
  • 03 Escape Sieren
  • 04 Counting my.head
  • 05 Reunion FiJi & Long Arm
  • 06 Wanju kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe
  • 07 Ribbons Hanami
  • 08 Everything Is Illuminated Julien Mier
  • 09 Maybes Deft
  • 10 Glazed submerse
  • 11 Springs opti
  • 12 Piel de Leopardo Den5hion
  • 13 Elegiac Tom Day & Monsoonsiren
  • 14 After The Bliss Tendts
  • 15 Die Gracefully ft. DH the Mythicalifornian Thriftworks
  • 16 Walk Away PYUR x Rain Dog
  • 17 Huxley Daixie
  • 18 Franz Deam Re-edit Fau&Deam
  • 19 Rise & Appears ft. Djéla & Pierre Harmegnies Jean du Voyage
  • 20 Heads Up Robot Koch
  • 21 Pip Till Robert Valsinger
  • 22 The Longest Journey Blossom
  • 23 Goodbye Neema
  • 24 Fall in Springtime Tomika
  • 25 Flat Faced How Green
  • 26 Around the Corner Drogtech
  • 27 Charcoal Bruises
  • 28 Unkleness Night Logic
  • 29 Lights Down Deep Shoq
  • 30 Paint Me Like The Sky Stèv
  • 31 Jet Stream ft. Anna Marjamäki Cass,
  • 32 Elevators Vitrion
  • 33 In Visions MockSun


One of our favorite labels!

B. Traits | BBC Radio 1, UK

Robot Kotch is great and Drogtech is good!

Daddy G | Massive Attack, UK

Too many interesting artists and good tunes in one place!! Look forward to sinking into it later.

James Barrie | Audio Texture, Spain

Great selection of producer sonics.

Jay Scarlett | Puls/BR, GER

Love it when PMC puts together a compilation like this, it’s not that often but it doesn’t need to be either. Plenty of great work on this one, hard to choose a favorite among all the great efforts. Going into rotation right away on my program.

Kerem Gokmen | Dubmission/WYEP, US

What a fine fine fine compilation.

Tim Parker | NTS, UK

I’m starting to think that Project Mooncircle has picked up where Mille Plateaux left off. I get that same feeling from this label and I’m always excited when something new drops from this imprint. The world of electronic music has nothing to fear: it’s in very good hands with this crop of young producers. Whether established or on the come up, they’re continually pushing the envelope. Fabulous material on this compilation.

Jason Randall Smith | Radio Bots/Macedonia, UK

Today got to the end of this massive comp and what an excellent selection of tunes – proves how good PMC is!

Simon Harrison | Basic Soul Radio, UK


Featured Artists

IIIII (Five Eyes)



Long Arm


Daisuke Tanabe









Rain Dog


Robot Koch