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  • Origin
    Kiev, Ukraine
  • Genres
    Glitch · Techno · UK Garage


Born in 1988 in the Red City, Eugene Chistyakov made his first experiences in music with his older and stronger brother, who always had control over the boombox in their shared child’s room. After a detour into dance music under the name Diablik – with support by BBC Radio 1 and various leading DJs, he found his true musical identity in the alterego ‘IIIII (Five Eyes)’, which allows him to make music from his heart and mind. He also works as a sound engineer in his current home Kiev.

Latest video.

IIIII Five Eyes ‘Mother Love’ (Mother Love, 2014)

Directed by: Anastasia Kolnobritskaya, Serg Bondarenko.

Camera & Editing: Serg Bondarenko.