Robot Koch – Songs For Trees And Cyborgs

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Graciela Maria

Robot Koch


After last year`s release of his debut full length album entitled “Death Star Droid” Berlin stromtrooper Robot Koch kept himself hella busy. In 2010 alone he dropped the new Jahcoozi album “Barefoot Wanderer” on Bpitch Control, released his EP “Listen To Them Fade“ on Project:Mooncircle, did a bunch of remixes and productions for both major and indie artsits and played stunnig live shows everywhere from Low End Theory in LA to the Sonar Festival in Barcelona.

And now he`s back to do some serious damage with his 2nd LP “Songs for Trees and Cyborgs”.

The album shows Robot’s versatility as a producer – it mixes and blends fresh, forward thinking electronic beats with heartfelt melodies and organic live instumentation.
On choice tracks Mr. Koch teams up with the likes of Boxcutter (Planet Mu), 1000 Names (Black Acre), Doshy (Robox Neotech), RQM (Baby Sumo) and Graciela Maria (Project Mooncircle) to present the point where dubstep, hip-hop and its myriad of influences fuse into a kaleidoscopic collage of sounds.

Artwork by 44 Flavours.


  • 01 Water And Solutions
  • 02 Cloud City vs. Boxcutter
  • 03 Powerstrip 66 vs. Doshy
  • 04 Verbal Bruises vs. Portable Morla
  • 05 Patience
  • 06 Late Introduction
  • 07 Night On Mars
  • 08 Ideas
  • 09 Threats
  • 10 Break The Silence
  • 11 Brujeria vs. Graciela Maria
  • 12 Haunted Landscapes vs. 1000 Names
  • 13 Atari You vs. RQM
  • 14 Summer Snow
  • 15 Cloud City vs. Boxcutter (Ital Tek Remix)
  • 16 Pink Box (Randy Barracuda Skweeemix)