Mr Cooper – Amongst Strangers

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Mr Cooper


Original foundations by many respected artists. Manipulated, arranged, mixed and mastered by Mr Cooper. Made with samples, a PC and a crude bass guitar. Some tracks and many techniques born of late night sessions with Chatro in his chicken stinking room above KFC.

Produced between 2002 and mid 2005. Remixes by Induce and Epstein 2006. Thanks for help making this record to: My family, Chatro, Sketch, Req, Ian, Ben, Sam, Dusty Fingers, Dr. Zygote, Nao and Yuji at Wimm, Gordon, La Mano Fria, Induce, Epstein, Irwin Max and Andy K. Thanks to Arepaz and Project Mooncircle for making this vinyl edition possible. Thanks to all my friends, everyone I know, have known and many that I donít.

Original photography by Kalev Erickson, Artwork and Design by Andy K, Gordon and La Mano Fria.


  • 01 Two
  • 02 Four
  • 03 Six
  • 04 Seven
  • 05 Nine
  • 06 Eleven
  • 07 Eight
  • 08 Ten
  • 09 Twelve
  • 10 Five (Induce Remix)
  • 11 Eight, Twelve & Three (Epstein Remix)