Long Arm – The Branches

Excerpts of press or air play outcomes.



Long Arm

Obba Supa aka Teknical Development & Hey!zeus

Obba Supa


The Branches” album is a reflection of a world, where human feelings and natural powers are bound together. Everything is correlated in this world. There is no alive-dead distinction. The season change depends just on state of mind. Every move, every wind breath, every sound brings an information, opened for everyone who believes and ready to accept it, who hears and knows how to listen.

Artwork, original paintings by Bioniq and design by Gordon.


Power of Rain, The Waterfall Inside Me
Everything starts with waters. Water brings life and gives a chance for existence. It flows through the time, feelings and thoughts (reflections), leaving traces everywhere. Water leaks in everyone.

Double Bass In Love
To live means to love. “Double Bass in Love” is a love story. Story filled with dreams, hopes and warmth. Story that has no end.

After 4AM
It is time when magic of music stops to be an illusion. Time also stops and loses its sense. Sounds enter our world and spread over the ceiling steeping everything around with warm light.

Perfect Morning
Perfect beginning of a day when thoughts are clear and life is simple and understandable.

When Children Sleep
Silence! You have some time to change this world while children are sleeping.

Key Door
Magic wood is behind this door. Just key is needed. Here it is! But your fears and doubts stay between key and keyhole. It’s not so easy to open this door, isn’t it?

It is battle for the opportunity to be one’s own self, for the chance to take the mask off forever.

The Branches
Door is opened and the magic wood is ready to appear in front of you. You making the path along bushes and swamps, trying to touch the sun rays and pass heaven sent light through fingers.

Long Arm Interview (English subtitles) at Musicserf


  • 01 Power Of Rain
  • 02 The Waterfall Inside Me
  • 03 Double Bass In Love
  • 04 After 4AM
  • 05 Perfect Morning
  • 06 When Children Sleep
  • 07 Key Door
  • 08 The Roots
  • 09 Dummy
  • 10 The Branches Featuring Teknical Development (Of Obba Supa)
  • 11 Thank You
  • 12 The Branches (Instrumental – Digital Bonus)