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    London, UK
  • Genres
    Experimental · Hip Hop · Rap


His lyrics consists of individuality compressed with explosive aggression and passion, with rhyme patterns that interlock in a chaotic flow of words put together to form an Octumus prime of legendary verses. Put simply he is a beast on the mic.

1984 to a wild party all day crazy mother and an Islamic, poet flute playing father, he was raised around jazz, fusion and hip hop. At age 8 taught how to sight read and play piano. Purchased first turntables at 14, went to friend Dexplicits (fwd riddim) house saw he’s fathers home studio, plus seeing the reaction of girls to Dexplicit playing he’s songs in class Hey!zeus was captivated. Age 15 released a white label, but this was more of a learning experience. Then on to college and university, tutored by Keith Harris (Stevie wonders former manager). 2006 Released ‘walk wit me’ white label with ‘no turning back’ on the b side accompanied by a video on channel U “look out for north London’s Hey!Zeus whose ‘walk wit me’ shows this guys got the skills to pay the proverbial bills” Dan greenpeace hiphop connection oct 2006 This went on to sell around 300 copies but the process was halted due to family commitments.

 The diabolical rhyme dynamics of Teknical Developments lyrics paired with beats cloaked in a blue cheese fog of THTC from Hey!zeus dwell and celebrate in the time of A.M. A time which reveals the full existence of the human cypher in its entirety, From the crooked corrupt cloaked by its shadows to the optimism of dreams and a new days break.

TO.AM is a dedication to the time
 FREE.AM is an experiment in the freedoms of the infant hours
Two separate organism from the same body of concept naturally evolved from late night studio sessions all past the hour of midnight.

Latest video.

Obba Supa – Barefaced (To:Am / Free:Am – Project: Mooncircle, 2009)