1000 Names – Invisible Architect

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The Invisible Architect is the third full-length album by like minded production duo and long-term friends 1000names.

Unlike their previous releases, which focused more on technology and machinery, they drew their inspiration for this album from the unconscious moments that just happen during live shows or studio improvisations, those happy accidents when the music emerges out of the chaos with no traceable origin. In these unconscious moments, it seems, the invisible architect – a mysterious natural power – creates this untouched and raw music, almost like the geological formation of rocks in a mountain or the trees in a forest are formed by the fundamental forces of nature.

In their own words:
“It’s a mystery where the music comes from and why it sounds the way it does. We look for the answer in the garden of the invisible architect – and try just to be…“


    • 01 Wood Traxx
    • 02 Sushi Hour
    • 03 Paper Trip
    • 04 Water Resistant Rakete
    • 05 Milky Plastic
    • 06 Pi Day
    • 07 Walkin’ Tales
    • 08 Born With Promise
    • 09 Invisible Architect
    • 10 Perception Of Color
    • 11 She Loves Purple Mornings
    • 12 The Afternoon Sounds


Good mixture of dreamy more cerebral beats with some crunchy nuggets thrown in and nice little boogie undercurrents. Got a tune or two lined up for radio play.

James Barrie | Audio Texture, UK

I think this may be their best stuff yet! Really digging it.

Slugabed | Ninja Tune/ Donkey Pitch/ Various, UK

Gonna play some of this on my show, really like it.

Brackles | Rinse FM/ FWD/ Various, UK

Some more dope wonky musical funkyness on Project Mooncicle.

Laurent Garnier | PBB Radio/ Various, FR

Really liking some of this, especially born with a promise.

Gieom | Berkane Sol/ Various, UK

SSSIIICCCKKKKKK!!! Best work yet from 1000 Names. Paper Trip is a beast!! Supadope duo, supadope label.

Kidkanevil | First Word/ Various, UK

Project Mooncircle comes up trumps again, feeling it. Looking forward to checking out the rest…

Dj Flight | Metalheadz/ Rinse Fm/ FWD/ Various, UK

Big fan of these guys, will be supporting on Flomotion.

Nick Luscombe | Flomotion/ BBC 6Music/ Resonance Fm/ iTunes, UK

Strongest release from the guys to date.

Donkey Pitch Dj’s | Donkey Pitch/ Various, UK

Wow – brilliant, love this. Look forward to hearing the rest of the album.

David Martin | Modern Amusment/ VOX/ Various, UK

Nice LP with beautiful steppy atmospheres. Born With Promise and Milky Plastic are my favs so far. Nice to see Project Mooncircle continuing their story of success when it comes to releasing stuff like this. Airplay for BLN.FM.

Florian Demmer | Music Editor/BLN FM, GER