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  • Origin
    Berlin/ Shizuoka, Germany/ Japan
  • Genres
    Broken Beats · Downtempo · Experimental · Hip Hop


Lambent started off with making experimental ambient music around 1997ish, released from label insine(now web radio LAST FM), thats the beginning of his career, started to listen to/dig hip hop with his ears really opened about 7 years ago, now his shoes to hoodies are fully on hip hop mode :).

Lambent is still using some positive misunderstanding as to develop his music which leads to your imagination rises towards a certain direction that with the unique Lambent sound. This music is made partly as his dedication towards a japanese small island “isle of ishigaki” where he never been before. No one could tell what you are really thinking of or imagining as if we never know the colour of red is really red as we see and as we feel. The sound as well, as abstract as it gets, then the perceptionist (in this case the listeners) has to think what it is and Lambent sound is somehow in between connected with dreams (repetitive yet abstract sounds scenary) and real life (templated music gender) as his music was always.
Hip hop is most playful music gender with this aspect least he think, thats why he choose one.

Latest video.

LAMBENT record release party “Smoothness Extract”