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‘Memoosh’ is the collaborative project between William Yates (memotone) and Soroosh Khavari (Soosh).

Without any pre-planning, the project started to grow and develop a life of its own as soon as the first session started. Over the course of more than eight weekends spread over a year, the two visited each other for recording sessions, not relying on modern modes of communication. Making all the music in person to keep to the collaborative nature of the project, leaving more room for improvisation and opportunity to jam out all their ideas.

The album is a mixture of live instrumentation (guitars, piano, cello, zither, drums, clarinet, synths and numerous others) coupled with effect boxes, samplers, vocals and field recordings, influenced by everything from random static and buzz, to a beautiful early morning rain or the bass thud of a closing door. The whole album being more an exploration of their approach rather than anything conceptually thematic, representing both characters and personalities in the music.

To be honest, had we not been asked by Project Mooncircle to make the album we probably would never have met to make music. Thankfully they did ask! And it has been a very fruitful conquest. Not only has the album created music we are proud of, but in its construction it created a new and lasting friendship.

‘Memoosh’ comes out worldwide on limited grey-marbled double vinyl, limited handmade and handpainted cassette edition (both including download code).

All tracks written, performed and produced by William Yates and Soroosh Khavari. Vocals on ‘This Hush’ by William Yates. Recorded in the Soosh Studio, Brighton. With Thanks to all our close friends, family and the team in Berlin.

Mastered by Sven Friederichs. Original painting by William Yates. Design and layout by Gordon Gieseking. A&R: Malte Tarnow, Aine Devaney and Gordon Gieseking.



  • 01 Roofwalker
  • 02 This Hush
  • 03 The Building With The Blue Eyes
  • 04 One Hundred Martyrs
  • 05 Pale Fire
  • 06 First Avenue
  • 07 Aponi
  • 08 September Snore
  • 09 Humble Joy
  • 10 Shape of Light
  • 11 Singing Mountain
  • 12 Bonus Digital: Part II


They are through to the final round of The X Factor, sounds great!

Huw Stephens | BBC Radio 1, UK

Beautifully laidback and mellow!

Nemone | BBC 6 Music, UK

1st Avenue original mix is wicked,infact alot of this is wicked
these guys are fucking good!

Daddy G | Massive Attack, UK

Very beautiful

Goldierocks | Selector Radio/British Council, UK