Kidkanevil and Daisuke Tanabe – Kidsuke

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Daisuke Tanabe




A child agrees then screams the name. Kid-o-suke. Did you hear that right? The music trickles in. It sounds like it was made in a toy factory. Hold on. Let me reach for the button over there. Childhood memories. The magical sounds of a roundabout sending you to sleep. The wonders of the world seen through eyes that don’t yet fully comprehend and ears that find musical potential in everything. Two kindred souls find each other, distance never the issue, they share and laugh the only way they know how.

The wonderful pixelated world of a video game. Where does reality end and where does the imagination start? Somewhere in the distance an explosion can be heard, or was it a booming bass drum? There are birds singing a crystalline melody. One I heard before, in a dream perhaps. All of a sudden a child exclaims ‘come, let’s go’. Where did he come from? Is he real or another pixelated fragment of imagination?

Yokatta desu. There’s a castle in the sky. Two boys team up to reach it, carried by the power of their dreams. The same dreams that marked their childhood and brought them to be men. If ever there was music worthy of becoming the soundtrack to a Ghibli movie this could be it. There’s a girl asleep on a plastic deer, going around and around. She reminds me of the hand drawn versions of the pixelated heroes of my childhood. I imagine her dreams filled with exciting adventures.

I swear I heard the sounds of Tokyo’s public transport. It told me we’d arrived at Shibuya yet I can’t see the neon bright lights when I look around. Oh well, I’ll just have to imagine them.

It’s an album, so of course it’s real. The music is the result of a desire to create regardless of outcome, for the simple fact that there is a story to tell. People will consume it whichever way they want. Is it this sound or that sound? Does it really matter? Stop for a minute and enjoy the music for what it is. A synthesis of two aesthetics joined not just by a love of music but also a love of the abstract and the childish, the things that remind us we were all young one day and things were simpler. Things like dancing as if no one was looking or making music as if the outcome never mattered.

Kidsuke is a collaborative project between the UK’s Kidkanevil and Japan’s Daisuke Tanabe. Their self-titled debut is released by Project Mooncircle in November 2012 on double colored vinyl LP and digital.

All tracks written and produced by G. Roberts and D. Tanabe except…
The Other Day We Thought Of Our Friends…’ written by G. Roberts, D. Tanabe and Darren Ng
Ghostgirl‘ written by G. Roberts, D. Tanabe and M. Roosevelt
The Last Train (Eki)’ written by G. Roberts, D. Tanabe and G. Wood

Mixed by G. Roberts, D. Tanabe and Rod Buchanan Dunlop | Mastering by Sven Friederichs | Published by Just Isn’t Music | Original artwork by Yura Komine | Text by Laurent Fintoni | A&R: Gordon Gieseking



  • 01 IntroOoOoO
  • 02 Nanotrees (Out In The Woods)
  • 03 Frogs In A Well
  • 04 School Chimes
  • 05 SGstep
  • 06 MoOoOoOn
  • 07 Sine Flowers
  • 08 Ghostboy
  • 09 Tiny Concrete Block
  • 10 The Other Day We Thought Of Our Friends…
  • 11 Cherry Chimes
  • 12 Ghostgirl
  • 13 Harmonics Pt1
  • 14 Harmonics Pt2
  • 15 Super Deformed
  • 16 The Last Train (Eki)


Sounds incredible! Congrats!

Ta-Ku | HW&W, AUS

The album is very good, but entirely bonkers sounding.

Tom Ravenscroft | BBC 6 Radio Music, UK

Kidsuke is god…

Quarta330 | Hyperdub, UK