1954 – A Part Of Me

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A Part Of Me‘ is the debut album by Ivan Arlaud alias 1954, a young musician from Lyon, France. It’s an immersive journey between nostalgic and synthetic sounds, melancholia and hope, fears and confidence. He contrived to describe all the bright, warm, cold and dark moments of his restless imagination in rhythms without being intrusive. As the title says, it’s his personal disclosure.

‘A Part Of Me’ comes out worldwide on limited vinyl (including download code) & digital.


  • 01 Flower Of The Dead Man
  • 02 It Was Love
  • 03 Hermann’s Dream
  • 04 Colored Lies
  • 05 Pleiade
  • 06 Blue Boy feat. Loup Na
  • 07 Finaly
  • 08 To Die For
  • 09 Mean feat. Holly
  • 10 Closer
  • 11 We Used To Smoke feat. Mt
  • 12 Madame Toulouse


Amazing tunes!

Vitor P | Hunger Culture, ES

Warm and deep!

Tom Ravenscroft | BBC 6 Music, UK

I like it so much!

Nick Luscombe | BBC Radio 3, UK

Interesting record.

Piotr Orlov | Pitchfork/NY Times, US

Ein ganz eigenständiger Sound und vor allem ein wunderbares Album.

Micha Gehrig | Byte FM, GER

Very much the kind of ‘post-dubstep’ that was all the rage a few years ago but he manages to show it’s not completely played out yet.

Paul Clarke | Resident Advisor, UK

This truly captures the hot, cold urban blues that this kind of music has always been so capable of transmitting, if it’s well done. Like 1954 does it!

Claus Schwartau | VICE, GER

Breakbeat-Reminiszenzen, viele verpitchte Vocals und eine Produktionstechnik, bei der man sich fragt, ob Arlaud nicht ein heimliches Praktikum bei Moderat absolviert hat. Bref: gute Platte.

Thaddeus Herrmann | Das Filter, GER


Coming soon.