submerse – Works

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In the span of just over 5 years, Rob Orme hast released 5 individual EP’s and a full length LP with Project: Mooncircle. Due to high demand and the fact that all of his releases are out of print, we decided to release “works”, a best-of compilation with some of his best and most prominent works, including 4 entirely new and unreleased songs.

A collection of works created between 2011-2016. The tracks sum up where I’ve been at for these last 5 years. It’s a checkpoint. It represents many influences and the way things were for a period of time. For me personally “works” are memories.” – submerse

Artwork by Repeat Pattern.


  • 01 Truth
  • 02 Twiceshy
  • 03 Melonkoly
  • 04 Gloom
  • 05 Pressure
  • 06 Keepoised
  • 07 Bokeh
  • 08 Glazed
  • 09 Let’s Never Come Back Here Again
  • 10 Fumes
  • 11 It’s Over, I Lost
  • 12 Meaningless Moments In Capsules
  • 13 Struck Out
  • 14 Tears
  • 15 Amber Park (Unreleased Bonus)
  • 16 Slumberprty (Unreleased Bonus)
  • 17 Blun_t (Unreleased Bonus)
  • 18 Be Careful, It’s Spooky Inside (Unreleased Bonus)


Stay Home is little more than what we’ve seen before! It’s the depth of sound that was previously lacking in Orme’s shinier dance floor concoctions. It’s nice to hear this mixologist procuring a smoother, more mature blend of electronic music.

Holly Dicker | Resident Advisor, GER

Always great to hear more from Submerse. Trip’ immediately had my undivided attention. One of his most exciting and personal releases in my opinion.

Sean Keating | Boiler Room, UK

This album is beautiful. Such a good fusion of hip hop, soulful slow jams and footwork. Vibes.

James Hutchins | I-D, UK

Wonderful silky, dreamy footwork.

Phil Taggart | BBC Radio 1, UK

Rob Orme makes the type of beats that make you feel like you’re in a bubble.

Mixmag, UK