Numaads – Now

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Robot Koch

The Q4 – The Quadraphonic Quartet.


Numaads sounds different, looks different and thinks different.

Esperanzah is like a siren calling the listeners to her as she floats on the ocean of sound, created by her long time friend and musical partner SENSE (of The Q4 and Shahmen ). Her smooth earthy rap voice and angelic singing are carried beautifully by the strong drums and atmospheric vibes, and speaks to us of realignment with nature, with our roots and with ourselves.

SENSE skilfully combines original use of sampling, interweaved with organic instrumentation, to sculpt a sound that carries an almost mystical atmosphere. He is a craftsman who has been perfecting his art for many years and is now coming forth in to the light.

The record features four original songs and two remixes of the title song Now, by renowned producers Robot Koch and J Rawls .
Tricks and schemes will all be gone,talked about the coming for so long. I am sure that evil’s time is done. Do you know where I’m coming from?


  • 01 Now
  • 02 Wanting
  • 03 Thankful
  • 04 World
  • 05 Now (Robot Koch Remix)
  • 06 Now (J Rawls Remix)