Erik Luebs – Absolute Presence

Excerpts of press or air play outcomes.

Erik Luebs


Absolute Presence‘ is about losing connection with the physical world and exploring a much deeper place in your mind. It’s about experiencing a significant transformative state from which one can either come back to the physical world, or fade into death. In this enhanced state of consciousness, one may feel entirely weightless, at peace, and removed from their physical body. It’s the feeling of all of existence hitting you at once, and distinct emotions and identifiable feelings fading into irrelevance. How does one approach their day to day life after such an experience? This is what ‘Absolute Presence‘ attempts to address.

Absolute Presence‘ comes out worldwide on limited colored vinyl (including download code).

All tracks produced and mixed by Erik Luebs. Violin arrangement on track one & six by Jake Falby. Photography: Repeat Pattern. Layout: G. Gieseking. A&R: M. Tarnow. Mastering by S. Friederichs.


  • 01 Farewells
  • 02 Losing It
  • 03 Eyes Closed
  • 04 Outpouring
  • 05 Climbing Arc
  • 06 Liminality (Bonus Digital)
  • 07 Reawakening (Bonus Digital)


“Losing It” has a real meditative charm about it – wafting, airy pads suspended above fluffy percussive movements.

Staff | Boiler Room, US

Interesting to hear Project Mooncircles recent move to some more uptempo releases and really pleasing to hear that that they’re maintaining the quality control, high production values and individual sounds to the world of house, techno and breaks.

James Barrie | Audio Texture, ES

I love the way this EP unfolds. Reawakening, Eyes Closed and Liminality all biting me at the moment.

Nemone | BBC 6 Music, UK

Another quality release from PM. Love the emotion in Farewells.

Francis Redman | NTS, UK

Beautiful. Farewells is great.

Dan Moss | BBCR1, UK

Too exciting for the ambient genre and too downtempo for the EDM crowd, this is excellent music for anything that requires a critical degree of concentration.

Kyle Carney | Exclaim, CA