Disc System Meets Inner Science – S/T

Disc System meets Inner Science


This album is the first collaboration between DISC SYSTEM and INNER SCIENCE. An incredible amalgamation of Djing and composition, moving through many different styles and moods. Elements of Hip Hop, Ambient, Techno and more generally ‘electronic music’ are all apparent. Originally release on CD by ROMZ RECORD in November 2007, Project MoonCircle are issuing the album worldwide on vinyl to give this recording more thorough worldwide exposure and so that it can be presented on our favourite format: Vinyl.

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エレクトロニクスによって切り開かれるきめ細かなインストゥルメンタルの可能性と、ターンテーブルによる雄弁なダイナミズムをスリリングに綴じ合わせ、麗 しい色彩感を持ちながらも切り詰められた深い味わいのループと多様性に満ちたビート・フォーマットを自在に行き交いながら躍動するビートが鮮やかなコント ラストを描くビーツ&アンビエンス。 


  • 01 Turn Up Late
  • 02 Breadth Of Upsurge
  • 03 Wachi’s Theme
  • 04 Pioneer Meter
  • 05 Give More Than A Passing Thought To MX
  • 06 Can’t Keep Still Four
  • 07 Stunning Righthander
  • 08 Fall Asleep As Soon As One’s Head Hits The Pillow