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Find yourself on an interstellar trip away from the solitude and darkness of a wasted and depleted home-world on its final demise. During this journey you will not only move unbelievable distances through space and time but furthermore make unforeseen progress in your inner-mind and deepest parts of your psyche – questioning yourself and your perception on what it is to be real. These questions of self-doubt lead to an identity crisis that ultimately results in the hope of discovering a fantastic new utopian world that can only be reached through an incredible wormhole of a very special kind.
But what does reality mean in this blurry timeless vision?

Written, produced, and mixed by Yip Wong. Mastered by Sven Friederichs. A&R: Gordon Gieseking & Malte Tarnow. Original painting by Gregor Pieplow – Mikroversum. Design by Gordon Gieseking.


  • 01 Tesla’s Machine
  • 02 Heart
  • 03 Rising Sun
  • 04 Faded
  • 05 Paris Falls
  • 06 Drive



The gorgeous Deft… Future electronics as only he knows how.

Nemone | BBC 6 Music, UK

Lovely EP of explorations in sound and ambience!

Om Unit | Civil Music, UK

Klingt super, I like.

Robot Koch | Robots Don’t Sleep, GER

Always loved Deft’s work, no exception here, super dope!

Kidkanevil | Ninja Tune, UK

Deft is great, love his stuff. This feels like a new direction for him. Paris Falls is best for me on first listen.

DJ Shadow | Mo Wax, US