CYNE – All My Angles Are Right



CYNE are more than one emcee, more than two producers, more than their decade-spanning discography, and, with the announcement of their new album, All My Angles Are Right, more than just hip-hop. Cise Star is a conscience for your headphones. Speck and Enoch dig deep so you don’t have to. CYNE rise above their sphere, merging the personal and the political with genre-busting production and silver-tongued rhymes that capture cross-millennia truths.

Their beats have been used by Joey Bada$$, they’ve been remixed by Four Tet, they’ve collaborated with To Rococo Rot, Daedelus, and Nujabes. Cyne lights up their full spectrum with “All My Angles Are Right”.


  • 01 Attics
  • 02 Avians
  • 03 Tears For Uriah
  • 04 Sunglasses After Midnight
  • 05 Fine Prints
  • 06 In Between Kingdoms
  • 07 Ancient Audio
  • 08 Plato’s Cave
  • 09 Poison
  • 10 Carousels
  • 11 Null
  • 12 Heaven Is A Hologram
  • 13 Spaces
  • 14 Embers
  • 15 Firefights