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  • Origin
    Tokyo, Japan / Los Angeles, US
  • Genres
    Dubstep · Glitch · Hip Hop


Mike Gao is a music technology researcher, holds a Masters degree in Music Technology from Stanford and is pursuing his PhD. After a career as underground Hip Hop producer/DJ in Chicago (working with such names as Qwel, Mestizo and Luckyiam) he began winning in numerous beat battles and playing at beat nights, Low End Theory being the most prominent one, making him one of the best kept secrets in the Los Angeles beat scene. He released music on labels such as All City with Tokimonsta, Galapagos4, Project: Mooncircle and many more…

Latest video.

Mike Gao – Run Before You Wake (Finest Ego | Faces Vol. 2 – Project Mooncircle, 2012)

Director & Shooter: Federico Zanghì
Editor: Ion Tanase
Camera: Gabriele Trapani