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    Berlin, GER
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    CEO / Founder – Finest Ego / A&R / DJ / Radiohost


Born in one of the last socialist regimes of Europe and with some of his earliest childhood memories – both good and bad – stemming from these troubled times, Malte was always torn between Eastern and Western socialization. After his family pursued their dream of freedom and moved to West-Germany in his early years, he grew up highly interested in a broad range of different topics. The insight to pursue his long love of music professionally only came to him during the final semesters of university and after experiencing an eye-opening year abroad in the States.

He joined the Project: Mooncircle crew in 2010 and has since become a true staple in the labels roster. He took over the music-platform Finest Ego shortly after and influences the label’s direction creatively, assuming responsibility and giving releases final touches with his writing. He also delved into radio and hosts the monthly „Finest Ego“ show on BLN.FM and has done specials on RBMA and, and will soon transition to NTS London. Besides occasional and ardent DJ guest mixes, this lets him express his passion for a wide range of music.
Recently he has also been able to further entrench himself in the music industry, now also working for Ninja Tune and their international social media appearance.

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